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Squeezing and critical behaviour in the parametric amplifier (1990-1994)

This work was done in conjunction with Prof. P.D. Drummond in the Department of Physics at the University of Queensland.

The parametric oscillator consists of a doubly resonant optical cavity containing a non linear medium that is capable of causing both frequency doubling as well as the opposite process of photon pair production.

The study of squeezed light is of particular importance given its proposed use in applications such as high resolution spectroscopy and gravity wave detection. In these and other applications, squeezed light can be used to reduce the effect of quantum noise on experimental measurements. Work involving the additional collaboration with Dr M. Fernee has shown that the squeezed output of a parametric system has no better phase resolution than its input - and we believe this holds true for all such "passive" systems. This led me to some new calculations that give an exact non linear solution for the size and scaling of the critical fluctuations at the bifurcation threshold. The results have implications for the use of information theory in physical systems. These were the first solutions for the behaviour of a non equilibrium quantum system near a critical point.

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