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Other Quantum Optics topics (1989-1993)

This work was done in conjunction with Prof. P.D. Drummond and was undertaken initially at the Departments of Physics in the University of Auckland, but primarily at the University of Queensland.

My first piece of research involved a review of a published paper on tunneling in a non linear optical device. This was a classical model with an intensity dependent refractive index under the influence of a noisy driving field. I showed that the counter-intuitive results of the original work were due to a change of variable which resulted in the use of a frame of reference that 'vibrated' back at forth with the input noise, and then completed a correct calculation.

I worked on pulse propagation in non-linear wave guides during a visit to Professor Raymer at the University of Oregon in 1993. The work involved studying the benefits of using local oscillator dispersion to help match the local oscillator pulse to the squeezed pulse. I have also spent some time considering the development of a stochastic path integral technique designed to overcome some of the difficulties in the stochastic procedures. The nature of the difficulties with these non linear stochastic equations has also been an area which I have investigated.

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