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Research Physicist
BSc, MSc(1st), PhD, CPhys, MinstP.
Metamaterials, nonlinear optics, semiconductor microstructures, quantum optics.
Member of the Institute of Physics.

Department of Physics,
Imperial College London,
Prince Consort Road, London SW7 2BW, United Kingdom.

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RELATED SITES: me @ Imperial College (master site); me @ www.kinsler.org/physics (mirror); me @ Researcher ID; me @ academia.edu; IRC #physics channel page.

Good web sites support user feedback and discussion forums. So if you have any questions, feel free to email me at dr.paul.kinsler@physics.org. As for discussion forums, I'll just point out my favourite ones: firstly, the sci.physics.* internet newsgroups (which naturally have a FAQ file). I read the newsgroups sci.physics. research, electromag, cond-matter, and sci.optics. Secondly, there is the real-time chat medium of IRC (channel #physics).

As a rule I check the RSS feeds from various APS, AIP, IoP, and OSA journals, also the arXiv. If something catches my eye I might tag it (rss), or even blog about it at citeulike.

Metamaterials and Electromagnetism

Under (rather slow) construction.

Optical Pulses

My current area of interest is the propagation of few-cycle optical pulses. Such ultrashort pulses have applications in areas ranging from precision spectroscopy (THz to VUV), optical atomic clocks, and fundamental tests of physical theories.

Semiconductor Microstructures

Quantum structures in semiconductor materials (ie. semiconductor microstructures). are typically between a nanometre and a micrometre in size. They are made by processes similar to those used to make integrated circuits (computer chips). The structures can control where and how electrons and photons can move and affect each other on a quantum level. In particular I investigated the physics behind the future design of solid state terahertz emitters.

Quantum Optics

Quantum optics is the study of the interaction of light (the EM field) with matter. It covers quantised light interacting with bulk matter, semiclassical light interacting with quantised atoms, and quantised light interacting with quantised matter. This is the field which has given us lasers, optical solitons, squeezing, and spawned quantum cryptography, quantum computers, and atom optics.


Biography, and Miscellaneous

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